Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rapid Teeth Whitening

The Rapid Teeth Whitening is our most popular procedure.  Rapid Teeth Whitening is the most time-efficient way to get your teeth whiter.  A high concentration of bleaching solution is applied to your teeth for 15,30,45 or 60 minutes.  A blue light/heat is used in the activation process.  Years of clinical use has seen the teeth whiten 2 to 10+ shades in 1 session with the greatest increase seen with the increased time the bleaching solution is in contact with the teeth (45 & 60 minute sessions).
As you relax in the chair during the chair-side procedure, you will be able to watch TV listen to music or nap.  A bleaching solution containing a high concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide is applied to the teeth.  The solution penetrates to the deeper layer of the tooth.  Here, the hydrogen peroxide is broken down to oxygen that acts on the stained organic deposits changing them to a whitish colour.  This process brightens the tooth colour but leaves the tooth structure unchanged- much like bleach acts on clothes.  
Almost everyone can benefit from the Rapid Teeth Whitening.  Teeth Whitening is ideal for people who have healthy teeth and would like a whiter, brighter smile.  This includes teenagers and adults with their permanent teeth.  In particular, teeth that have been stained by consumption of staining foods ( tomato sauces, fruits such as berries and grapes, ), staining drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, colas) or teeth that have just discoloured over time with ageing respond well to the teeth whitening process.  Smokers can also whiten and brighten the colour of their teeth.  Even people that have mild tetracycline/minocycline staining (gray staining from medication) can have brighter teeth with extended chair-side time or more frequent visits for treatment.  Teenagers that have completed orthodontic treatment and have their braces off can whiten the colour of their natural teeth.  The best results will be achieved with teeth that have yellowed with age or are stained by coffee, tea, red wine, smoke etc.  
Many scientific studies show that people with whiter teeth look and feel younger.  These people also feel more confident.  The quickest way to improve ones smile is through the Rapid Teeth Whitening.  People who have whitened their teeth have a greater interest in keeping their smile healthy and bright.  They also spend more time with oral hygiene care, they have healthier gums and teeth and have fresher breath.