Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Are you missing teeth?
Do you have “black holes” in your smile?
Do you have difficulty chewing?
We can easily create a beautiful healthy smile just for you.
For almost as long as there have been missing teeth, there have been dentures.

Today’s state-of-the-art dentures:

  • Are more esthetically pleasing
  • Use more natural looking teeth and gums
  • Can conceal the metal clasps in new and existing partial dentures

Esthetic partial dentures are:

  • Used to replace missing teeth
  • Used to restore the patient’s bite
  • Completed over a period of several appointments

Esthetic partial dentures differ from regular partial dentures in that:

  • There are no metal clasps or wires
  • They are thin, durable, lightweight and flexible
  • They offer a much tighter, more comfortable fit
  • They are esthetically superior by providing a more natural-looking smile